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Davor Zielinski

“When it comes to over 1.5 goals predictions it doesn’t get any better than the tips offered at this site. I have won six of my last seven bets and am eager to see what the future holds.”

Veselin Pop

“I’ve never had anywhere near the success I’ve experienced since I started using tips from Over 1.5 Goals Predictions. I’m winning over 80% of my bets and my bankroll is larger than it ever has been before.”

Tihomir Rusu

“I will never place another soccer bet without first receiving a tip from Over 1.5 Goals Predictions – that’s how good your tips are!”

Mihaly Golubev

“When I won 575 EUR on my first bet with your tips I was happy. When I then proceeded to win 813 EUR, 1,300 EUR and 920 EUR I went beyond happy to ecstatic. I am amazed by the accuracy of your tips.”

Tibor Varga

“Your tips allowed an average bettor with an average payroll to become something beyond his greatest expectations. Your tips win nearly all the time and that has really allowed me to realize my betting goals.”

Imre Kastelic

“Awesome tips, awesome customer service, awesome website. I very happy to find your site. Nowhere else will I get tips. I only use your site.”